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Roark Formulas For Excel Crack

Roark Formulas for Excel: A Powerful Tool for Engineering Design

Engineering design is a complex and iterative process that requires the application of various theories, methods, and tools. One of the most widely used engineering handbooks is Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain, which provides formulas and solutions for a variety of structural components under different loading and boundary conditions. However, using the handbook can be time-consuming and error-prone, especially when dealing with multiple loads, complex geometries, or nonlinear materials.

Fortunately, there is a software solution that can make the use of Roark's formulas easier, faster, and more accurate. Roark Formulas for Excel is a fully interactive version of the landmark reference combined with powerful problem-solving technology that dramatically reduces design hours, production costs, and speeds time to market. Roark Formulas for Excel takes every table and case from the 7th edition of the handbook and makes it interactive, allowing the user to enter input data, view output results, plot graphs, and generate reports within Excel. Roark Formulas for Excel also includes a comprehensive materials database, automatic unit conversion, and a superposition wizard that handles multiple load calculations on beams and plates with ease.

Roark Formulas For Excel Crack

How to Use Roark Formulas for Excel

Roark Formulas for Excel is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. The user can access the software through a custom menu in Excel that lets them select a problem by chapter, table, and case. The software then displays a data entry window that shows the diagram of the system, the input variables, and the output results. The user can enter the values of the input variables using the keyboard or the mouse, or select them from a drop-down list. The software automatically updates the output results and plots as the input values change. The user can also use the back-solving feature to solve for any input variable given a desired output value.

The software also provides a superposition wizard that allows the user to combine multiple loads on beams and plates. The user can select from various beam types, support types, and load types, and enter the load magnitudes and locations. The software then calculates the combined stress, deflection, and shear for each load case and displays them in separate plots. The user can also view the combined plots of all load cases by clicking on the "Show Combined Report" button.

Roark Formulas for Excel also has a report wizard that helps the user create custom reports of their calculations. The user can select which input variables, output results, plots, and diagrams they want to include in their report, and choose from various formatting options. The software then generates a report in HTML format that can be viewed in a web browser or printed.

Why Choose Roark Formulas for Excel

Roark Formulas for Excel is a powerful tool that can help engineers solve design problems faster and more accurately. By using Roark Formulas for Excel, engineers can benefit from:

  • The convenience and familiarity of Excel as a platform for engineering calculations.

  • The reliability and comprehensiveness of Roark's formulas as a source of engineering solutions.

  • The flexibility and interactivity of Roark's formulas as implemented in Excel.

  • The efficiency and accuracy of Roark's formulas as enhanced by UTS's problem-solving technology.

  • The functionality and usability of Roark's formulas as supported by UTS's customer service.

Roark Formulas for Excel is a must-have software for engineers who want to streamline their design process and optimize their designs without hours of tedious calculations or programming. Roark Formulas for Excel is available for purchase from UTS's website, where you can also find more information about the product features, specifications, pricing, and support. You can also request a free trial of the software to try it before you buy it.


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