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((LIVE HD*)) Barcelona VS Real Madrid live 19 March 2023

Madrid and Barcelona are no exception. From the typical taverns to newer gastropubs and international cuisine from around the world, there are thousands of restaurants and bars in each city. Madrid’s star dishes don’t seem as stellar when compared to Barcelona’s. In the capital, you'll find cocido madrileño (a meaty chickpea soup) and callos a la madrileña (a thick stew made of tripe and other cow parts).

On the other hand, Barcelona is close to France, which means you can take a short flight and spend the weekend in Bordeaux for some wine culture or Marseille to soak up the grit and grandeur of the famously multicultural port city. The beaches and nature of the Balearic Islands of Mallorca and Menorca aren’t far either, nor is the club scene and nightlife in Ibiza. But all in all, being in Barcelona means it’s a bit harder to travel around Spain, though you can also day trip to beaches and medieval towns nearby. Barcelona is full of stunningly designed buildings, including Casa Batlló © alxpin / Getty Images Barcelona is tourist heaven… Madrid, not so much When friends come to visit me in Madrid, it’s not always clear what I should show them.

As a freelance writer, I don’t have to live anywhere in particular, so I’m more or less free to be where I love. For most of my adult life, that place has been Madrid. But when my girlfriend suddenly got a job in Barcelona, we decided to pick up and move. Sort of. Actually, I kept my apartment in Madrid.

Barcelona vs Madrid, why I prefer this city over the otherIn Spain, the Madrid vs Barcelona debate is serious business. Which is a better place to live and to visit? Both cities have their pros and cons. Barcelona has its famous Modernisme architecture and miles upon miles of beaches. On the other hand, Madrid is the pretty-yet-gritty capital city: world-class museums, restaurants galore and so much nightlife that occasionally going to work on less than an hour of sleep is a point of pride for locals. Daniel at the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona © Gopika Beena / Lonely Planet I live in both Barcelona and Madrid, so I have a horse in both races.

FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid El Clasico Live Streaming details

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