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The defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson also went down due to a hip injury in the second half and was unable to return Mut 24 coins. Like his teammates, Vickerson will be undergoing tests on Monday. Special player Omar Bolden sustained a concussion and will undergo a medical evaluation in the coming weeks according to Jack Del Rio.

Regarding concussions specifically, players from the Oakland Raiders suffered a pair in their loss to the Tennessee Titans. Tight end Mychal Rivera and cornerback Mike Jenkins both had to leave the action with head injuries. The Raiders taking on the Cowboys at Thanksgiving, Dallas Cowboys, it is highly unlikely either will play.

The Cincinnati Bengals and Atlanta Falcons both are both sporting Super Bowl aspirations in 2013 and Thursday Night Football's contest between the two teams was a peek into a premier matchup for the upcoming Madden NFL 24 season.

The starters, however, didn't show much spark. Andy Dalton and Matt Ryan each only played a small amount during the first half of the game. Ryan was the more efficient of the two quarterbacks who started, going 6-for-9 for 89 yards. The Falcons had a 3-0 lead due to this.

Josh Johnson entered for the Bengals and the Bengals offense took off. Johnson did the majority of the damage via his legs, rushing up to four times in 64 miles. In addition, he completed nine out of 16 passes, which accounted for 100 yards and a touchdown.

Two runners who were rookies helped get things going for the Bengals. Second-rounder Giovani Bernard only averaged 2.8 yards per carry , yet scored a touchdown on the one-yard line. Rex Burkhead helped keep the team's offense going during the second period, running on nine occasions for 52 yards.

The Falcons displayed a lack of depth in the second quarter, but Cincinnati pulled away and win by 24 points. It was a 34-10 final result. was slightly lopsided, but the game was fairly even until the second and third-stringers began take over the game buy madden 24 coins.

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