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Game director Joe Shely told Polygon in an interview at a roundtable it is "having your character appear to be an amalgamation of decisions you've made will lead to interesting choices, or at least interesting opportunities."Shely stated it's because the Diablo team is aware that players Diablo IV Gold, especially in the beginning, don't know all the details of each class' set of abilities. They will be looking to test their skills.

"When you consider our respec system," Shely said, "which include both the skill tree and to Paragon to later levels, which is our endgame advancement system. We've really determined to think about the system in a manner that has the sense that choosing a path is crucial, and your character isn't the same as everyone else's , but you're able to have plenty of freedom to test things out.

"You've got the ability to specify points by point. You just need to click to stop spending a point and put it towards something else in the meantime, but as you move later into levels that cost goes up to make those choices a little bit more considered. Of course, it is possible to change the entire tree at once if you would like to build from the start."

Fergusson pointed out that as players develop and deeper into their character "the cost of the game's currency to respect grows higher and higher -- and eventually you'll come to the point where you're at level 90 Barbarian and instead of completely making changes to my build, it's better to just roll a new Barbarian and start over."

Diablo Immortal will soon receive its second major update on the 14th day of December. The update, which is titled Terror's Tide, brings tons of brand new content to Diablo Immortal, most notably the first post-launch zone, known as Stormpoint. This area will add a brand new primary quest buy Diablo 4 Gold, new monsters, and bosses to Diablo Immortal. This content will surely keep players playing away.

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